Hegarty on Advertising. Turning Intelligence into Magic – John Hegarty

How can I review a book from someone whose experience in advertising is around 40 years and he still heads up an agency that I’d like to work for?

Well I can’t so this will be a short review.

hegarty on advertising

It’s part John’s view of advertising and part memoir. I preferred the views to the memoir which did get a little self reverential.

There were three chapters that particularly made the book worth a read for me.

Ideas not because it was revelatory but because it was a reminder. Especially of how creativity isn’t a process but advertising is a process.

The Creative Director because if your in a position similar it reminds you that its YOUR job to provide the philosophical and intuitive leadership that makes the agency greater than just a marketing consultancy.

How Advertising Drove me to Drink because it shows how something – wine in this case – can encapsulate so beautifully a sense of time and place.

I suggest you just buy a copy and read it, there will be something in there that will nudge your conscience and tweak your views.

Title | Hegarty on Advertising. Turning Intelligence into Magic.
Author | John Hegarty
Publisher | Thames & Hudson
Publish Date | 2011
ISBN | 978-0-500-51556-3

Reviewer | Steven Bennett-Day

Buy from Amazon UK: Hegarty on Advertising: Turning Intelligence into Magic

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