The Designful Company – Marty Neumeier

Marty Neumeier writes ‘whiteboard overviews’—that’s a concise book to most of us.

His previous two, The Brand Gap and Zag are well regarded. The content of them undoubtably graces many powerpoint presentations and you will find them quoted in numerous brand and marketing blogs.

The Designful Company - Marty Neumeier

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve gagged over a phrase containing ‘zag’ in agency meetings. My favourite being a reference to ‘zagology’ – like it makes it all real and proper if appended with an ology. I think many truly creative people understand the fertility of the path less trodden and perhaps don’t need an ology to enlighten them so. A quick search for ‘zag’ on slideshare produced 2818 presentations containing a bit of zag.

The Designful Company is about non-stop innovation through design thinking. There’s some good thoughts and examples of how companies that use innovation as an ethic are outmoding companies built on mass-production and traditional spreadsheet based theories. Yes, Apple gets quoted a lot.

For anyone looking for a broad definition of design in a business sense, the first part of the book is fairly interesting. I liked the idea of creative people being drawn to the tension between what ‘is’ (reality) and the place we want to get to (vision). The bit in-between those two is where a creative person thrives.

I guess with many businesses placing their emphasis on a deductive process of creating logical simple routines, a book that explains creative such as this works.

I think the best way of summing up is if you find the image below interesting, you’ll enjoy the book.

The Designful Company - Latent Talent - get it?

Title | The Designful Company
Author | Marty Neumeier
Publisher | New Riders
Publish Date | 2009
ISBN | 978-0-321-58006-1

Reviewer | Steven Bennett-Day

Buy From Amazon UK: The Designful Company: How to Build a Culture of Nonstop Innovation

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